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In the novel Murder is Easy, Wychwood under Ashe is an English village. It is the home of Lavinia Pinkerton. She got worried after several deaths happened there.

Its location is not precisely stated but the boat-train from the continent to London connects at Fenny Clayton Junction for the village. This suggests a location south of London.

In the 2008 ITV adaptation, connecting trains for London from the village call at Victoria, which is consistent with a location to the south of London.

Hambleden in Berkshire was used as the filming location for Wychwood under Ashe in the 1982 Warner Bros film adaptation while the the 2009 ITV adaptation used the village of Blewbury in Oxfordshire.

Places in Wychwood under Ashe

  • Ashe Manor
  • Seven Stars inn - owned by the late Harry Carter
  • Bells and Motley inn
  • Clinic of Dr Humbleby and Dr Thomas
  • Institute and Lad's club - endowed by Lord Whitfield, located at the boot shop his father used to own. He employed the best architect in the country for the building but he found the result too plain, like a workhouse or prison
  • Local museum and library - formerly Wych Hall, a manor house. The library was also endowed by Lord Whitfield
  • Curio shop - run by Mr Ellsworthy
  • Pipwell's Garage
  • A bank - managed by Mr Jones
  • Tobacco and paper shop - run by Mrs Pierce
  • Vicarage