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In the novel Hallowe'en Party, Woodleigh Common is an English village. Whilst spending Halloween there, Ariadne Oliver asks Hercule Poirot to come there and solve the murder of a young girl.

The location of Woodleigh Common is not precisely stated but Ariadne Oliver speaks of going "down" to the village from London so it is probably to the south in Kent or Surrey, East/West Sussex or Hampshire. It is about thirty to forty miles and near the town of Medchester. According to Ariadne, it is mainly a residential village where people commute to London or Medchester. As a result, according to Superintendent Spence, there are not many villagers who had spent a long time as residents. Most people came and went depending on where their jobs were.

In adaptations[]

In the ITV 2010 adaptation of the novel, Woodleigh Common is in East Sussex. This is seen in an newpaper article about Joyce's death which Poirot shows Michael Garfield on the train.

Locations in Woodleigh Common[]



Residents of Woodleigh Common[]

At Apple Trees

At Pine Crest

At Quarry House (formerly, as well as staff of)

At Quarry House (present)

Cottage near Quarry House

Bungalow adjourning Quarry Woods

House of Mrs Brand

House of the Reynolds