In the novel Dead Man's Folly, Mr Wilfred Masterton is a Member of Parliament whose constituency probably includes Nasse House and the area around it. He and his wife Connie are friends of Sir George Stubbs and Amy Folliat.

Wilfred Masterton does not actually feature significantly in the plot. His wife is actively involved in organising the fête at Nasse House, and she has also roped him Wifred's political agent Captain Jim Warburton to help but Masterton does not seem to show up often if at all. It is not even clear that he was at the fête. Throughout the book he does not get any lines of dialogue. If he was present at any of the scenes, his wife dominated the conversation.

Amanda Brewis considers Masterton a "most halting and uninspiring" speaker who owes his position entirely to his wife. She has all the drive, initiative and political acumen. When Warburton is challenged by Sally Legge that his boss is actually Wilfred Masterton and not Mrs Masterton, he acknowledges that, "[S]he should be. She’s the one who wears the pants – and don’t I know it."

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