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In the novel The Clocks, Wilbraham Crescent is a street in Crowdean, Sussex. The two halves of the street are built back-to-back, so their gardens back on each other. The house numbers from 1 to 28 or 35[1] run on the inner side of the crescent and are referred to as the Lower Crescent. The higher numbers up to 88 are referred to as theHigher Crescent. To get to them from the Lower Crescent, it is necessary to turn a right angle up Albany Street and turn again into the Higher Crescent. The houses on the Lower Crescent obviously face north, because Colin Lamb, on the Lower Crescent, notes that there were no houses on the north side, only a wall, with blocks of flats beyond the wall, accessed from another street. Geraldine Brown lives in on the third floor of one of these blocks of flats opposite of number 19.



In ITV's 2011 film adaptation of The Clocks, Thornhill Crescent, Islington was used as the filming location. Those characters who are cast occupy the same addresses. The McNaughtons are not cast but Inspector Hardcastle has a chart of Wilbraham Crescent. On this chart there appears to be the name "McNaughton" written against No. 63. No. 47 is not visible and Mrs Packer is not cast. The Ramsays are replaced by Christopher Mabbutt. The police do not speak to Mr Joshua and in any case the name on No. 21 appears to be "Wright".


  1. In Chapter 1, Colin Lamb says he is looking for 61 but the houses ended at 35 and he came to Albany Road. In Chapter 4 Colin says the houses peter out at 28.