Virginia Revel

In the novel The Secret of Chimneys, The Hounorable Virginia Revel (née Cawthron) is a cousin of George Lomax. Her father is Lord Edgbaston and she descended from William the Conqueror.

She was married to Timothy Revel a British envoy in Herzoslovakia and had with him spend some time in the country before the revolution, where she met Queen Varaga and Prince Michael. After the revolution, she was widowed.

Around seven years after the revolution, she was been contacted by a man named Giuseppe who blackmailed her with love letters signed with her name, that he had stolen from Anthony Cade, who meant to return them to the writer. Despite that she never had written these letters, she decided to go along with blackmail for fun. But unfortunaly Giuseppe was murdered in her house the next day after the servants were lured out, and Virginia understood that nobody would believe that she would pay a blackmailer for fun. Luckily Anthony Cade came by and offered to help her. He believed her and together they disposed of the body.

Mrs Revel has a home at 487 Pont Street in London with several servants, and a house in Datchet.

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