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In the novel A Caribbean Mystery, Victoria Johnson was a native of St Honoré and employee of the Golden Palm Hotel owned by Tim Kendal. After Major Palgrave's death, she noticed a bottle of Serenite on his bathroom shelf. She had a common-law marriage with two children and is the second victim to be killed.

Victoria was described as a "magnificent torso of black marble such as a sculptor would have enjoyed". She had "dark, tightly curling hair".

Victoria realised that the bottle of Serenite had not been in Major Palgrave's bungalow before he died, and she felt that there was something wrong about it. Big Jim Ellis advised her not to look for trouble, but she decided to talk to Molly Kendal about it.

Victoria got the idea that perhaps someone had put the Serenite pills in Major Palgrave's bungalow, so that he took them, and died. However, Dr Graham assured her that Serenite was medicine that was necessary for someone with high blood pressure to take.

Victoria later gave the bottle of Serenite tablets that had been found in Major Palgrave's bungalow to Greg Dyson. He had missed a bottle of Serenite tablets a few days before, and had asked her if she had seen them. She told him that the pills had been taken from his bungalow and put in Major Palgrave's bungalow, and that she knew because she had seen.

Victoria told Big Jim that she thought she was on to something, and that it might mean big money. He warned her to be careful, and suggested that he had better tackle whatever it was. However, she only laughed, and told him to wait and see. She hinted that it had to do with something she saw, and something she guessed, and she thought she had guessed right.

Victoria was later found dead, having been stabbed. Molly Kendal discovered her body, while she was walking along the beach path.


In the 1983 Warner Bros adaptation, Victoria Johnson is portrayed by Lynne Moody.

In the BBC 1989 adaptation, Victoria Johnson is portrayed by Valerie Buchanan. Here she has an aunt Aunty Johnson. Victoria also had a common law husband but he is not named and not seen on screen. She also has a daughter from him named Mary. Like in the original novel, Victoria returns the bottle of pills to Greg Dyson with a hint that she knows something. The only difference is that here it is tetrauwolfide and not serenite.

In the 2013 ITV adaptation, Victoria Johnson is portrayed by Pippa Bennett-Warner. Here she is married to the hotel barman named Errol. She notices the bottle of serenite on the Major's washstand and reports this to Molly and Tim Kendal. Tim Kendal pays her off but does more than that: he feeds her a lie that Errol is having an affair with Molly persuades her to take part in an act to frighten or punish Molly. Victoria agrees to this because she needs the money so that her daughter, who is sick, can get medical treatment. Following Tim's plan, Victoria dresses in blood stained clothes and pretends to be dead in the grounds of the hotel where she is found by Molly who is in a drugged and unstable state. Later, she appears behind Molly who sees Victoria in the mirror as if seeing a ghost. These events were calculated to persuade Molly that she is losing her mind. Following this act, Tim then stabs Victoria to death.

In Albert Major parlait trop, the Les Petits Meurtres d'Agatha Christie adaptation of the novel, the parallel character is a nurse named Victoria.