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Countess Vera Rossakoff (Russian: Bера Русакова[1]) is a Russian jewel thief. Hercule Poirot becomes somewhat smitten by her.

In the novel One, Two, Buckle My Shoes, Poirot thinks of her, and wonders what woman could "hold a candle" to her. He describes her as "an aristocrat to her fingertips", a "most accommplished thief", and one of "those natural geniuses".


Appearances in Adaptations[]

  • Murder on the Orient Express (2001 film) - here she runs a bar in Istanbul (reminiscent of The Capture of Cerberus). A murder takes place in her bar and she asks Poirot to come and solve it. She suggests marriage, which Poirot rejects. Subsequently, at the end of the show, she joins Poirot on the train at Belgrade and they finish their journey together.