Letters written by Queen Varaga to King Victor were coded messages. They were disguised as love letters from a married woman, who was frighted of her jealous husband, to her lover. They were written from Herzoslovakia, but the queen wrote them in English and signed with the name Virginia Revel, borrowed from a honourable lady from the embassy, so they couldn't be traced back to her.

They were send to Captain O'Neil, which was the alias of King Victor, used in Paris. The coded message held plans of jewel thefts from the crown jewels of Herzoslovakia. The latest however concerned a theft of Koor-I-Noor, the diamond from the British Crown Jewels, and was send from the estate Chimneys, where Varaga and her husband King Nicholas were guests under a state visit. After the revolution in Herzoslovakia the letters ended in possession of Dutch Pedro, who on his death bed left them to Jimmy McGrath.

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