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In the novels The Secret of Chimneys and The Seven Dials Mystery, Tredwell is the butler at Chimneys.


In ITV's 2010 adaptation of The Secret of Chimneys, the character is transformed into "Constance Treadwell", the housekeeper at Chimneys. She has a much larger role in the plot than the original Tredwell as she was also a witness to the 23-year old events in 1932 which are shown in flashback. Treadwell is described as a loyal servant who has followed the Caterham family for years and has accompanied Lord Caterham and his family on his various diplomatic postings overseas. Since Caterham's diplomatic career ended with the events in 1932 at Chimneys, this implies that Treadwell has been serving the family years before. Treadwell is also depicted as being very affectionate about animals. Bundle has an album of photos of Treadwell and various of the family pets. This would also feature as a plot element. The Treadwell during the events in the episode is portrayed by Michelle Collins. The younger Treadwell, seen during flashbacks to events in 1932, is portrayed by Letty Butler.

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