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Towards Zero is a 2010 BBC Radio 4 adaptation of the novel by Agatha Christie. Dramatised by Joy Wilkinson. Directed by Mary Peate.

Episode 1[]

Against her better judgment, Lady Tressilian permits dashing Nevile Strange and his wife to come to her house party at the same time as his ex-wife, and sure enough, as soon as everyone arrives, the tensions are evident.

Episode 2[]

Lady Tressilian's house party is thrown into disarray by the death of her old friend Justice Treves. Meanwhile Nevile is feeling the strain of a house party with both his wife and his ex-wife in attendance.

Episode 3[]

Lady Tressilian is discovered murdered in her bed, leaving everyone in the house party very distressed. Inspector Leach leads the investigation.

Episode 4[]

Now Nevile is in the clear, suspicion has turned on Audrey for the murder of Lady Tressilian. But no-one can find her, and MacWhirter is convinced she's innocent.