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In the short story Triangle at Rhodes, Commander Tony Chantry was a Commander in the Royal Navy and a guest at the resort hotel in Rhodes where Poirot was hoping to have a quiet holiday. He was the husband of Valentine Chantry and became intensely jealous when she began to attract the admiration of Douglas Gold. Valentine was later poisoned by a pink gin. This drink had been Tony's and had been fetched by Douglas. Tony accused Douglas of attempting to poison him.

Poirot later revealed that this love triangle which had occupied everyone's attention was the wrong one. The real triangle was between Tony, Valentine and Marjorie Gold, wife of Douglas Gold. Tony and Marjorie already had an ongoing affair and they planned to kill Valentine and have Douglas framed for the murder to clear the way for themselves.

Tony Chantry was described as a silent, dark type, with a pugnacious jaw and a sullen manner. "A touch of primeval ape about him".


Tony Chantry was played by Jon Cartwright in the film adaptation of the story in episode 6 of Series 1 of ITV's Agatha Christie's Poirot drama series. The portrayal is very close to the description in the original story.