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Three Blind Mice and Other Stories is a short story collection by Agatha Christie published in the US only by Dodd Mead in 1950 probably in early February of that year.[1] The stories in the collection had all been published in various US magazines previously.


Publication history[]

  • 1950, Dodd, Mead and Company (New York), Hardback, 250 pp
  • 1952, Dell Books, Paperback, 224 pp, (Dell number 633)
  • 1960, Dell Books, Paperback, as The Mousetrap and other stories, (Dell number D354)
  • 1984, Berkley Books, Paperback, 212 pp, (Berkley number 06806-4)

First publication of stories in the US[]

  • The Adventure of Johnny Waverly: June 1925 (Volume XLI, Number 2) issue of the Blue Book Magazine with an uncredited illustration.
  • The Love Detectives: 30 October 1926 (Volume XIX, Number 3) issue of Flynn's Weekly under the title At the Crossroads with uncredited illustrations.
  • The Third Floor Flat: 5 January 1929 (Volume CVI, Number 6) issue of Detective Story Magazine under the slightly different title In the Third Floor Flat with an uncredited illustration.
  • Four and Twenty Blackbirds: 9 November 1940 (Volume 106, Number 19) issue of Collier's magazine with illustrations by Mario Cooper.
  • Strange Jest: 2 November 1941 issue of the weekly newspaper supplement This Week magazine under the title A Case of Buried Treasure.
  • The Tape-Measure Murder: 16 November 1941 issue of the weekly newspaper supplement This Week magazine with an illustration by Arthur Sarnoff.
  • The Case of the Caretaker: 5 July 1942 edition of the Chicago Sunday Tribune.
  • The Case of the Perfect Maid: 13 September 1942 edition of the Chicago Sunday Tribune.
  • Three Blind Mice: May 1948 (Volume 124, Number 5) issue of Cosmopolitan magazine with uncredited illustrations.

For first publications in the UK, see the applicable UK collections referenced above.


The audiobook version was released in 1986 and was narrated by actor Denholm Elliott.


  1. The earliest US newspaper reviews start appearing around 17 Feb 1950.