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Three Blind Mice is a short story written by Agatha Christie, based on her radio play with the same name. The radio play was also adapted into the stage play The Mousetrap.

The short story was first published in Cosmopolitan magazine in 1948, and in Three Blind Mice and Other Stories in 1950.


A blinding snowstorm—and a homicidal maniac—traps a small party of friends in an isolated estate.


  • Molly Davis
  • Giles Davis
  • Mrs Boyle
  • Major Metcalf
  • Mr Paravicini
  • Christopher Wren
  • Sergeant Trotter
  • Mrs Lyon (AKA Maureen Gregg)

Cultural References[]

Publication history[]

At Agatha Christie's request the story will not be published in the UK while Mousetrap is still running in the West End.