A radio production was made for the BBC in 2003.


  • John Moffatt as Hercule Poirot
  • Beth Chalmers as Egg Lytton Gore
  • Clive Merrison as Sir Bartholomew Strange
  • George Cole as Mr Satterthwaite
  • Michael Cochrane as Sir Charles Cartwright
  • Pauline Jameson as Lady Mary Lytton Gore
  • Carl Prekopp as Oliver Manders
  • Elizabeth Proud As Muriel Wills
  • Gemma Churchill as Angela Sutcliffe
  • Nigel Anthony as Captain Dacres
  • Paula Jacobs as Cynthia Dacres
  • Peter Marinker as the Rev Stephen Babbington
  • Patricia Scott as Mrs Babbinger
  • John Baddeley as Colonel Johnson
  • Martin Hyder as Superintendent Crossfield
  • Kathleen Helm as Mrs Lackey
  • Helen Longworth as Miss Milray
  • Angela Sims as Doris the model
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