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The Sittaford Mystery is an adaptation of the novel by Agatha Christie. It was dramatised and directed by Michael Bakewell and was first broadcast in 1990.

Episode 1 - The Message[]

A blizzard has hit England. In the tiny village of Sittaford, on the fringes of Dartmoor, a party of six is gathered in Sittaford House, home of Captain Trevelyan. He's rented the house out for the winter and is staying in a nearby village. As evening draws in, a séance is proposed. But it reveals something far more sinister than they'd all anticipated...

Episode 2 - An Arrest for Murder[]

A seance at the remote Sittaford House has revealed the murder of Captain Trevelyan. But who would've killed a man who didn't have an enemy in the world?

Episode 3 - Emily Goes to Work[]

James Pearson has been arrested for the murder of his uncle, but his fiancee Emily is determined to prove his innocence.

Episode 4 - A Recipe for Ginger Cake[]

Emily suspects that the Willetts, who've rented Sittaford House, are somehow involved in the murder of Captain Trevelyan. But how can she get into the house?

Episode 5 - The Second Seance[]

Mr Rycroft decides that only by re-enacting the séance which announced the murder of Captain Trevelyan, will the identity of his killer finally be revealed.