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The Regatta Mystery is a short story written by Agatha Christie and featuring the detective Parker Pyne which was first published in the collection The Regatta Mystery and Other Stories in 1939. The story was based on an earlier story published in 1936 featuring Hercule Poirot. The plot and characters in both versions are the same, with only minor changes to the dialogue in some places.


A diamond merchant and his party step off their yacht to enjoy the festivities at shore. But when the youngest member of the party, Eve Leathern, decides to play a trick with a £30,000 diamond named “the Morning Star”, the fun suddenly escalates into a dramatic jewel theft. The most suspected member of the party begs Parker Pyne to solve the disappearance of the valuable gem, pleading that he is not the thief. But if he isn’t, who is?

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Background to publication

The original version of The Regatta Mystery featured Hercule Poirot. It was first published in issue 546 of The Strand Magazine in June 1936 under the title Poirot and the Regatta Mystery with illustrations by Jack M. Faulks.

The story was later rewritten by Christie to change the detective from Hercule Poirot to Parker Pyne before its first book publication in the US in The Regatta Mystery and Other Stories in 1939. The Parker Pyne version remained the only one available in print until 2008 when the Poirot version was included in the omnibus volume "Hercule Poirot: The Complete Short Stories". Why Christie changed the detective from Poirot to Parker Pyne is not known.

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