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The Old Manor House is the dilapidated home of Lavinia Glynne, Clotilde Bradbury-Scott and Anthea Bradbury-Scott. It is located in Jocelyn St. Mary.


The house belonged to a Uncle of the Bradbury-Scott's who willed it to the sisters Clotide, Anthea and Lavinia. The House was large with bedrooms for all of the sisters and they could afford a couple of staff.

Later on the house became the home of Verity Hunt, whom the sisters were her legal guardians, there was a Greenhouse at that time, which the sisters and their young ward would enjoy, however after Verity's death the house fell silent, the house fell into disrepair and the Greenhouse fell into ruin until the site was nothing but a mould on the earth.

When Miss Marple began her journey she is invited to the house after the sisters received a letter from Jason Rafiel telling them to, when Elizabeth Temple is told this she acts in a strange way. After the death of Miss Temple, Miss Marple stays there until the end of her investigation, while on a walk with Anthea she is shown the site of the Greenhouse however she realises that Anthea knows something more about it when she tries to change the subject.

Role in the Murder[]

Miss Marple reveals on her last night, that she has been asked by Jason Rafiel to solve the crime of Verity's death and even though she has discovered the truth she needs to find the proof. At 3 am she confronts Clotide who claimed to see if she had drank the warm milk she reveals, about that she knows she murdered Verity and buried her in the Greenhouse before murdering Nora Broad and identified her as Verity. Clotide then tries to murder Miss Marple but she is foiled by Burrows and Cooke who broke into the house, afterwards Clotide kills herself with the poisoned Milk intended for Miss Marple.

Adaptation Changes[]

  • In the BBC adaptation, the Greenhouse is still standing as a ruin.