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The Moving Finger is the second episode of the TV film series Miss Marple starring Joan Hickson. It was broadcast in two parts by the BBC 21–22 February 1985. The screenplay was written by Julia Jones, and the episode was directed by Roy Boulting. It is an adaptation of the Agatha Christie novel of the same name.


Comparison with original novel

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The adaptation is very close to the original novel with only a few differences:

  • The action takes place at Lymston and not Lymstock with the house named "The Furze" and not "Little Furze".
  • Miss Marple arrives at Lymston earlier than in the novel, almost as soon as Jerry receives the first of the letters.
  • The character of Agnes Woddell is eliminated so the second murder victim becomes Beatrice who left Little Furze to work for the Symmingtons.
  • Beatrice's body was found by Megan slightly later than in the book, not the same evening but the next day.
  • Megan does not go to stay at "Little Furze" after her mother dies.
  • The show ends with the denouement. There is no mention of Jerry Burton marrying Megan or Joanna marrying Dr Griffith, although Miss Marple hints that both couples are good matches.


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