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In the novel The Man in the Brown Suit, Mill House is a house in Marlow, Buckinghamshire. It is owned by Sir Eustace Pedler.

Mr and Mrs James works there as gardener and cook, respectively. Sir Eustace does, however, find John quite inefficient as a gardener and kept him on only because Mrs James cuisine is very good.


While preparing for travelling with and In 1921 Major E A Belcher became the Assistant General Manager of the British Empire Exhibition. He invited Archibald Christie and Agatha to join him on a world tour to promote the event. The Christies visited Belcher several times at his then home, the Mill House at Clewer near Dorney[1]. Belcher encouraged Agatha to base a novel on him. The Man in the Brown Suit was the result. Sir Eustace Pedler is based on Belcher and his Mill house became the Mill House in the novel, although repositioned to Marlow. Part of the events in the book are set in South Africa, one of the first stops during that world tour.