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The Method of Laverguier was a method used by Hercule Poirot to avoid or reduce the effects of seasickness. In The Kidnapped Prime Minister, Poirot describes the method to Hastings: "You breathe in--and out--slowly ... turning the head from left to right and counting six between each breath." The method is probably fictional as no other references can be found outside of Christie's works.

Mentions of the Method of Laverguier in Christie's works[]

  • The Kidnapped Prime Minister - Poirot uses it successfully when crossing the Channel. In The Disappearance of the Prime Minister, the NHK Japanese anime adaptation, Japp teaches Poirot some exercises to stave off seasickness. The motions do not match the description given above and they do not call it the Method of Laverguier.
  • The Million Dollar Bond Robbery - Poirot states that it is difficult to practice it more than a few hours at a time, limiting him to journeys such as crossing the Channel.
  • [The Murder on the Links] - Poirot asks Captain Hastings if he has forgotten that he always uses it when going to sea.