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The Lost Mine is the third episode of series 2 of the ITV British television drama series Agatha Christie's Poirot featuring David Suchet as Hercule Poirot, first broadcast on 21 January 1990 in the UK. The episode is an adaptation of the Agatha Christie short story of the same name and was directed by Edward Bennett with dramatisation by Michael Baker and David Renwick.


The director of Poirot's bank, Lord Pearson, consults the Detective after the disappearance of Mr Wu Ling who was to sell the bank a map leading to a Burmese mine abundant with silver.

While the main premise of the original story, the recovery of the map of a lost mine, is retained, there are extensive changes to the backgrounds of various characters. Miss Lemon has been added and Chief Inspector Japp takes over as the role of Inspector Miller.

Comparison with Original Story[]

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Tropes and Themes[]

  • The game of Monopoly
    • This is anachronistic. The hotel register shows that the events take place in 1935. The Monopoly game which Poirot and Hastings play uses London landmarks and street names. This version of the game only became available in 1936.
  • Investment in stocks and shares - Hastings gives a lot of advice to Miss Lemon but it is Poirot's advice which proves correct at the end.
  • Modern tools in solving crimes
    • vehicular surveillance with radio control (arrest of Dyer)
    • use of wirephoto to send photographs (Burmese authorites wire Wu Ling's photo to Scotland Yard)[1]

Filming Locations[]

  • Various streets in London such as Columbia Road, Ezra Street, Bethnal Green[2] dressed up as Chinatown. Chinatown itself was not actually used.
  • German Historical Institute, 17 Bloomsbury Square - St James Hotel
  • Dagenham Civic Centre - London and Shanghai Bank
  • Gilbert Place, London - Chow Cat sauna exterior
  • Chiswick Town Hall
    • Committee Room - vehicle surveillance operations room
    • Staircase - Japp, Hastings and Poirot descend the staircase after watching the surveillance


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