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The London Blitz Murders is a 2004 novel written by Max Allan Collins in which Agatha Christie features as a character. Collins is a best selling American author who has written many novels particularly in the thriller and mystery genre. His novel Road to Perdition was made into a movie. The London Blitz Murders is the fifth (of six) novels in hisDisaster series, a group of six works of historical fiction, each involving crimes set within the context of a larger disaster for example on board the Lusitania, the Titanic, the Hindenburg, or in the case of the London Blitz, the German bombing raids on the city during World War Two. Only London Blitz features Agatha Christie. The novel was first published as a paperback by Berkley in 2004. It was reissued by Thomas & Mercer in 2012 also as a paperback (ISBN 9781612185200). The novel is also available as an audio CD, an Audible audiobook, and as an ebook.



"By day, she’s Mrs. Mallowan, hospital pharmacist. By night, she’s Agatha Christie, queen of crime.

Doing her part for the war effort, Agatha dispenses medicine in shell- shocked London. But the world’s most renowned mystery writer is troubled. Compared to the horrors of World War II, her detective novels seem trivial and quaint. When a Jack the Ripper–style murderer strikes, Agatha lobbies her friend, forensics expert Sir Bernard Spilsbury, to take her to the crime scenes. But the killings are far more gruesome than any that her fictional detectives have ever solved. Can a crime writer also be a crime fighter? Joining forces with London’s top investigators, Agatha risks her life to stop the monstrous serial killer."