The Last Seance is a short story written by Agatha Christie.


Raoul Daubreuil is a man in France, who is in love with Simone, a medium who has been wearied over the years by all the Seances she has performed. They live in a flat, along with their servant Elise. Throughout the seances, the most strange were the ones performed for Madame Exe, a woman who lost her daughter Amelie. In these seances, Amelie's materializations have been very clear and accurate. However, this day is the day where she performs her last seance, and for Madame Exe. Arriving in their flat, Raoul comforts Simone and, despite refusing to do the seance, he convinces her to do it. She is further convinced when Madame Exe arrives, and reminds her of her promise. Upon arriving in the room where the seance will take place, Madame Exe states that she wants to make sure that the last seance is not a scam, and asks to tie Raoul to a chair. He agrees, but tells Madame Exe that the materialization must not be touched at all, in case Simone is harmed. Madame Exe reluctantly agrees.

Simone hides behind a curtain for the seance, and the materialization of Amelie starts to form from a mist. This materialization is the most vivid of them all, causing great surprise to Raoul and Madame Exe. However, Madame Exe rushes towards the materialization and hugs it, causing Simone to scream in pain. Raoul shouts at Madame Exe to stop touching the materialization, but instead she picks up the ghostly form of Amelie and runs off with it, wanting Amelie to be hers forever. As Raoul attempts to untie his bonds, Simone shrivels and dies. After untying himself, the tragedy ends with Elise and Raoul crying over the bloodstained corpse of Simone.


Publication history

  • First US magazine publication: The Last Seance: November 1926 issue of Ghost Stories magazine under the title The Woman Who Stole a Ghost.
  • First UK book publication: The Hound of Death and Other Stories (1933).


The short story was adapted by BBC Radio 4 in March 2003. The adaptation was given a contemporary setting.

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