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In the short story The Affair at the Victory Ball, The Honourable Eustace Beltane (later 6th Viscount Cronshaw) was the uncle of the Fifth Viscount Cronshaw. He was a collector of fine chinaware and had a set of porcelain figures depicting the characters of the Italian Comedy, the Commedia dell'arte. He was part of Lord Cronshaw's party of six which attended the Victory Ball dressed in costumes modelled after the figurines.

After the death of Lord Cronshaw, Beltane inherited the title and became the Sixth Viscount.

Eustace Beltane was described as a man of about fifty, suave in manner and with a handsome, dissolute face. He had the appearance of an "elderly roué, with the languid manner of a poseur".

Beltane had an argument with Cronshaw during the Victory Ball. However Poirot eliminated him as a suspect in the murder of Lord Cronshaw because his costume was that of Puchinello and was too difficult to change in and out of in a hurry.

Beltrane is a friend of Mary Marvell (The Adventure of 'The Western Star'), who mentions him to Poirot.


Eustace Beltane was played by David Henry in the film adaptation of the Affair at the Victory Ball.