Agatha Christie Wiki

Example usage. List of field names. Not all need to be used:

{{Infobox TV or Film
|title1= title defaults to page name
|image1= a suitable image file
|caption1= caption for image
|directed_by:= director
|produced_by:= producer
|written_by:= screenwriter
|adapted_from:= original Christie story
|series:= name of series
|season:= what season in series
|episode:= what episode number 
|starring:= leader actor
|music:= composer of music
|cinematography: = cinematographer
|edited_by:= editor
|production:= production company
|distributed_by: = distribution company
|network:= TV network for TV film
|aired: = when first broadcast
|released: = release date
|duration:= running time
|country_of_origin: = country of origin
|imdb:= give imdb number e.g. ttxxxxxxx
|preceded_by: = in a series, previous episode 
|followed_by: = in a series, next episode