Agatha Christie Wiki

This template inserts the correct link to look up the story at the listings in the Galactic Central Central Fiction Index website. It is designed to allow easy global changes to all affected pages when the index is updated and the details change.

The link URL consists of 2 parts.

  • The number that begins "n000...." specifies the page on the website. As at Dec 2021, the page containing Agatha Christie's stories is n00082. Should this change in the future, e.g. if the maintainer adds new pages of authors who come alphabetically before Christie, this number can be edited here.
  • The number that begins "#A...." specifies the section on the page where the story is found. This number is more stable and will not change much unless a hitherto unlisted Christie story is found through research and added to the index. The template passes this section number as parameter 1. Note that it is then evaluated with a parser function which adds an offset. As of Dec 2021, the offset is 0.

Change Log

6 Feb 2022

  • The page has advanced by one. What was page 82 is now 83.