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In the novel Hercule Poirot's Christmas, Stephen Farr is the son of Ebenezer Farr, Simeon Lee's former business partner in the diamond mines in South Africa.

Stephen has a "deeply bronzed face", a "high-bridged nose", and "square shoulders". He is British, but comes from South Africa. At the beginning of the novel, he makes his first trip to England.

While on a train from London, Stephen meets Pilar Estravados. He does not feel ill at ease talking to a young girl, as he is "a friendly soul", who finds it "perfectly natural to talk to anyone" if he feels like it. He is surprised to find that Pilar is going to Gorston Hall, just as he is.

Stephen goes to Gorston Hall, and Simeon Lee inites him to stay with them for Christmas, saying that he is one of the family.

On the evening of the murder, Stephen drinks port in the dining room, and excuses himself when he sees that Alfred and Harry Lee have family matters that they want to discuss. He goes to the ballroom, and puts some records on, hoping that Pilar will come and dance with him. He then hears the sound of furniture crashing, and runs out to see what is happening.

Upon finding that the noise came from Mr Lee's room, and that the door is locked, Stephen helps Harry break the door down.

It is later revealed that Ebenezer Farr's only son had died two years before the events of the novel. The man claiming to be Stephen Farr was actually Stephen Grant.

Stephen Grant explains that he knew both Ebenezer and his son well. He arrived in England for the first time, and was very disappointed because everything and everybody seemed drab and lifeless. When he was on the train from London, he met Pilar. He went to Gorston Hall and pretended to e Stephen Farr in order to remain near her.

It is further revealed that Stephen is the illegitimate son of Mr Lee, and his real reason for coming to Gorston Hall was to see what his father was like. Stephen explains that his mother had spoken about Mr Lee sometimes, and it had grown into a kind of obsession with him, to see what his father was like.

At the end of the novel, it is revealed that Stephen and Pilar intend to marry, and go to South Africa.


Agatha Christie's Poirot[]

Stephen Farr is not featured in the simplified family tree in 1995 ITV adaptation of Hercule Poirot's Christmas. Aspects of his character, such as him playing balloons with Pilar and ending up with Pilar at the end are incorporated into the portrayal of Harry Lee.