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Sparkling Cyanide is a 1983 television adaptation of the novel with the same name, by Agatha Christie.


  • Anthony Andrews as Tony Browne
  • Deborah Raffin as Iris Murdoch
  • Pamela Bellwood as Ruth Lessing
  • Nancy Marchand as Lucilla Drake
  • Josef Sommer as George Barton
  • David Huffman as Stephan Farraday
  • Christine Belford as Rosemary Barton
  • June Chadwick as Sandra Farraday
  • Barrie Ingham as Eric Kidderminster
  • Harry Morgan as Captain Kemp
  • Anne Rogers as Viola Kidderminster
  • Michael Woods as Victor Drake
  • Shera Danese as Christine Shannon
  • Ismael Carlo as Medical Examiner
  • Linda Hoy as Boat Manager