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Soldier Island (or Indian Island och Nig*er Island) is an island off the Devon coast.

The first confirmed owner of the island was an american billionaire who built a modern house but who didn't live to enjoy it-due to his new third wife being a terrible sailor. As neither he nor his wife survived, the estate trustees put up the Island/House for sale. Since then, several rumours spread across about who had bought the island. It was widely believed that Soldier Island had been bought by Gabrielle Turl, a Hollywood film star.

However, the island actually belonged to "Mr. and Mrs. Owen" even though all transactions were handled by a lawyer, Isaac Morris. The people who wanted to go to the island were droven there by Fred Narracott, a local boatsman.

Several individuals were invited to the island on August 8, 1939, and subsequently killed there.

“Guests” on the island[edit | edit source]

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Symbological meaning[edit | edit source]

In the novel And Then There Were None, Soldier Island stood to symbolize a point of no return.

It also represents the mental and physical strand of the guests due to being blocked there.

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