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Soldier Island (or Indian Island och Nig*er Island) is an island off the Devon coast.

The first confirmed owner of the island was an american billionaire who built a modern house but who didn't live to enjoy it-due to his new third wife being a terrible sailor. As neither he nor his wife survived, the estate trustees put up the Island/House for sale. Since then, several rumours spread across about who had bought the island. It was widely believed that Soldier Island had been bought by Gabrielle Turl, a Hollywood film star.

However, the island actually belonged to "Mr. and Mrs. Owen" even though all transactions were handled by a lawyer, Isaac Morris. The people who wanted to go to the island were droven there by Fred Narracott, a local boatsman.

Several individuals were invited to the island on August 8, 1939, and subsequently killed there.

“Guests” on the island

Domestic staff


Symbological meaning

In the novel And Then There Were None, Soldier Island stood to symbolize a point of no return.

It also represents the mental and physical strand of the guests due to being blocked there.