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In the novel N or M?, Smugglers' Rest is the home of Commander Haydock in Leahampton which plays a significant role in the plot. It stood at the end of a quiet dead-end road up from Sans Souci. During the time of the novel, Haydock had just bought over the house. The previous owner was a German man named Hahn.

According to Haydock, Smuggler's Rest has an interesting history. It was originally a couple of coast-guard cottages set on the edge of a cliff. There was a small cove below, giving the house almost its own private beach. A London businessman had bought the property and converted the cottages into a single dwelling. After a few changes of owners, it was bought by a German named Hahn. He made great changes to it. A path was cut to lead down to the cove, with expensive concrete steps. The whole house was extensively renovated with bathrooms and all kinds of expensive gadgets. Haydock, at that time a neighbour, also found it suspicious that the workmen employed were foreigners and some did not speak English at all.

Haydock reported his suspicions to the authorities but was ignored for a long time, until a new chief constable arrived in the county. He had the police watch the place and shortly thereafter, Hahn disappeared. The police searched the place and found a radio set, incriminating documents and a large fuel tank under the garage.

Haydock subsequently bought the house when it came on to the market.