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In the short story The Arcadian Deer, Sir George Sanderfield is a socialite who owned a large house "Grasslawn" near the village of Hartly Dene. He used the house in summer for week-ends and parties. Many of his guests were celebrities and actors and actresses, such as the well-known ballerina Katrina Samoushenka whom he was said to be having an affair with.

During one of the parties, the local garage hand Ted Williamson had been summoned to repair a faulty radio at the house. There he met a girl named "Nita" who claimed to be a lady's maid of a Russian dancer. When he failed in subsequent attempts to meet her, Williamson asked Poirot to help to locate her, a quest which Poirot agreed to do because it served as an analogy to the hunt for "the Arcadian Deer" in one of the twelve Labours of Heracles.

According to Ambrose Vandel, a theatre designer whom Poirot knew, Sir George was a "dark horse". "They say he's a crook", he told Poirot. Sir George was rolling in money but a "nasty fellow".

Sir George Sanderfield was described as a "short square man with dark course hair and a roll of fat in his neck." He was ill at ease when Poirot asked him about Madame Samoushenka's maid. He didn't offer much detail beyond stating that one of the maids, Marie Hellin was a born liar. It later turned out that Marie was blackmailing Sir George.