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In the short story Motive v. Opportunity, Simon Clode was a wealthy man. His only son died in the war, so he took care of his granddaughter Christobel whose mother had also died. Simon raised Christobel and became very attached to her and was heartbroken when Christobel died very young of pneumonia at the age of eleven. Following this, he brought into his household the orphaned children of a poor brother, his nephew George and his nieces Grace and Mary.

Simon planned to leave one third of his estate to each of them but this was disrupted by the arrival of a spiritualist medium Eurydice Spragg. She claimed to be able to communicate with the dead Christobel. Eurydice impressed Simon so much and gain such an ascendency over him that soon he wanted to draft a new will to leave the bulk of his estate to her. How this is resolved forms the main plot of the story.


In NHK's anime adaptation Motive v. Opportunity, Simon Clode is voiced by Shinya Yamamoto. All the characters in the original story were featured but Simon is the only one whose voice talent is credited.