Sergeant MacAuley is a non-canonical character created for the ITV 2006 adaptation of Sleeping Murder. He is a police sergeant in Scotland. Chief Inspector Primer called him to check on a hunch he had. "Dickie" Erskine, the leader of the "Funnybones" entertainment troupe had a previous wife before marrying Janet. Supposedly they broke up because she couldn't bear any children and this was a source of friction between them. According to Dickie, after getting divorced, his first wife went off and married a crofter who lived in the Outer Hebrides. To Primer this story seemed incredible and he thought perhaps that Erskine had killed his first wife, and that he might later have killed Lily Kimble because she might know something. However, Sergeant MacAuley called back with confirmation that what Erskine said was indeed true--the former Mrs Erskine was alive and well and moreover had six children with her second husband.

MacAuley does not appear on screen. He is mentioned and Primer talks to him on the phone.

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