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Saltcreek itself was a straggling, picturesque fishing village set on the side of a hill. It was old-fashioned, conservative and deeply contemptuous of Easterhead Bay and its summer visitors.

–Towards Zero, Prologue: April 30th

In the novel Towards Zero, Saltcreek is a fishing village set on the side of a hill by the river Tern. The home of Lady Tressilian is located on the cliff above the village, and on the other side of the river is the newly created summer resort of Easterhead Bay. It is not far from St. Loo, and seven miles from Saltington.

The Balmoral Court hotel is located at Saltcreek, as is Stark Head.

From the map given in the novel, it appears that the River Tern corresponds to the Kingsbridge estuary in the South Hams district of Devon. Saltington corresponds to Kingsbridge and Easterhead Bay corresponds to Salcombe. Saltcreek itself is fictional and does not correspond to a real world settlement.