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In the novel Dead Man's Folly, Sally Legge (née Carstairs) is the wife of physicist Alec Legge. She and her husband had rented Mill Cottage at the Nasse House estate for three months as part of a period of rest prescribed by the doctor for Alec. During the fete at Nasse House, Sally plays the fortune teller.

She was originally meant to play the dead body in Ariadne Oliver's murder hunt but somehow she was roped in to do fortune telling. "Blame it on Jim Warburton," she tells Poirot. According to Miss Brewis, Sally had told all their fortunes one evening, and was so good at it that they decided to have her tell fortunes at the fête.

Sally is described as being an "attractive freckled redhead". She speaks in "an agreeable high treble".

Before her marriage, she had been a painter, and had a studio in Chelsea. According to Miss Brewis, Sally had a university education, and could have made a career for herself, if she had not gotten married.

Sally knew Michael Weyman before her marriage, and it was she who recommended him to Sir George Stubbs, when he wanted to hire an architect. According to Miss Brewis, Sally and Michael had spent a lot of time together since he had come to Nasse House. Miss Brewis was of the opinion that Michael had been in love with Sally before she got married, but it was "only a flirtation on her side".

Shortly after Poirot's arrival at Nasse House, he overhears Sir George speaking to Sally with an "amorous intonation" in his voice. There is a slight scuffle, and Sally is then heard telling Sir George that he must not.

During the fête, Sally tells Poirot's fortune, telling him that there will be "money to come, success with a dark beauty and a miraculous escape from an accident". She asks Poirot if it is 4 o'clock yet, as she is off duty from then until half past four, and she wants her tea.

Later, Poirot meets Sally at the folly on her knees searching for something. Poirot surmises that she had left the fortune telling tent during her tea break and come to the folly for an assignation with Michael Weyman. In the process, she had dropped an aeroplane charm which she usually wore on her wrist. Sally confides in Poirot that she is unhappy with her marriage. She thought coming to Devon for a holiday would make Alec better, but he is just as moody and detached as always.

Poirot later visits Mill Cottage, and finds Alec there alone, as Sally has left him, and gone to London with Michael. Poirot expresses the opinion that Sally is a woman of loyalty, and that if Alec had confided in her about everything he was going through, she would have been wholeheartedly on his side, instead of comparing him to Michael. Poirot then advises Alec to go after her, ask her forgiveness, and tell her everything.