Sad Cypress was adapted as a five-part serial for BBC Radio 4 between 14 May and 11 June 1992. John Moffatt reprised his role of Poirot. The serial was broadcast weekly from Thursday, 14 May to Thursday, 11 June at 10.00am to 10.30pm. All five episodes were recorded in the week of 16 to 20 March 1992.

Adaptor: Michael Bakewell
Producer: Enyd Williams


  • John Moffatt as Hercule Poirot
  • Eric Allan
  • Jonathan Adams
  • Barbara Atkinson as Mrs. Welman
  • Margot Boyd as Mrs. Bishop
  • John Church
  • Susannah Corbett as Mary Gerrard
  • Alan Cullen as the Judge
  • Keith Drinkel
  • John Evitts
  • Emma Fielding as Elinor Carlisle
  • Eamonn Fleming as Ted Bigland
  • David King
  • Pauline Letts as Nurse Hopkins
  • Peter Penry-Jones
  • David McAlister as Dr. Lord
  • Joanna Myers as Nurse O'Brien, and as the singer of the title song
  • Gordon Reid
  • Charles Simpson as Roddy Welman
  • David Thorpe
  • Gudrun Ure
  • John Webb as Mr.Gerrard
  • Ann Windsor
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