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In the novel Murder is Easy, Rose Humbleby is the daughter of Dr and Mrs Humbleby. She is engaged to Geoffrey Thomas against her father's wishes.

There is a whole chapter in the early part of the book devoted to her conversation with Luke Fitzwilliam. Her role in the plot is to serve mainly as a resource person and provide Luke with background information on people in the village. She told Luke, for example, that Tommy Pierce was a kind of acolyte in the occultic practices of Mr Ellsworthy. Rose said that she liked Lavinia Pinkerton. She was like a special aunt to her. Rose wondered if Lavinia was "fey" (had some sort of prescience). Lavinia had told Rose that she was worried about her father, and then he died. Of greater concern, Rose added, Lavinia had also told her that she was worried about Bridget Conway.


Murder is Easy (1982 film)[]

In the 1982 film adaptation, Rose Humbleby is portrayed by Diana Goodman. She only has a small role in this adaptation and has hardly any lines. She is only seen at the beginning at the funeral of Lavinia Pinkerton and later at the tennis party. In this adaptation, her mother Jessie Humbleby is not featured.

Agatha Christie's Marple[]

In the 2009 ITV adaptation of Murder is Easy, Rose Humbleby is portrayed by Camilla Arfwedson. Like in the original, she has a relationship, with Dr Geoffrey Thomas which her father disapproves of. In this adaptation she spends a fair amount of time looking after her mother Jessie Humbleby who appears to be teetering on the point of a nervous breakdown after the death of her husband. Rose is also the librarian of the village library. She alerts the village constable and Miss Marple to the fact that a book, "Nature's Poisons" had gone missing from the library. It reappeared mysteriously later.