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In the novel Mrs McGinty's Dead, Roger Wetherby is the husband of Edith Wetherby and the stepfather of Deirdre Henderson. Mrs Wetherby married him when Deirdre was four, and since then she always hated her stepfather. She claims her mother has always had a sad lif with no affections or sympathy, since Wetherby is a har, cold and most unfeeling man.

He lived in a Victorian house in Broadhinny, Hunter's Close.

He was completely unimpressed when he heard the name of Hercue Poirot, implying that he had never heard of him. When the latter told him he was making investigations about the murder of Mrs McGinty, he believed it was "rather remarkable". He pointed out that the woman had died months ago, and even though she worked for the family every Wednesday, they had no information about her or her family--if they did he would already have given it to the police.

Mr Wetherby showed little to no affections towards her stepdaughter, and believes that the task of "running the household" was her duty. Poirot says that Mr Wetherby can make himself very unpleasant if he fancied it. Deirdre showed affections towards her mother but not towards her stepfather, so she could have killed Mrs McGinty to hide her mother's past from Mr Wetherby. Wetherby could have instead committed murder to avoid a scandal coming out.


Mr Wetherby does not appear in the 2008 ITV TV adaptation of the novel. Mrs Wetherby and Deirdre do not appear either.

The character does not really have a parallel in the France Televisions adaptation Mademoiselle Mac Ginty est morte. However there is a Leopold Santini, who is married and has one daughter, who could be inspired by either Roger Wetherby or very vaguely based on Dr Rendell.