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In the novel At Bertram's Hotel, Richard Egerton is a lawyer and one of three trustees for Elvira's inheritance, and also one of her guardians. He works at the firm Egerton, Forbes & Wilborough. His grandfather, uncle, and father were all lawyers before him.

Mr Egerton is fifty-two years old. He is described as a "handsome man, tall, dark with a touch of grey at the temples and very shrewd grey eyes". He is known for always giving good advice, but he seldom minces his words.

Elvira Blake goes to see Mr Egerton, wanting to know how much money she has, and what she could do with it if she wanted. He tells her that when she turns twenty-one or gets married, she will inherit roughly six or seven hundred thousand pounds, and until that time, the money is in the hands of her trustees. He also tells her that she is unable to make a will until she turns twenty-one, and if she dies her money will go to her mother as her next-of-kin, or to her husband if she is married.

After Elvira leaves, Mr Egerton telephones to Colonel Luscombe, to tell him of Elvira's visit to him. Mr Egerton warns Colonel Luscombe that Elvira probably has a boyfriend, and he is probably undesirable. He tells Colonel Luscombe to make inquiries as to what Elvira has been up to.