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Redbook is an American women's magazine that is published by the Hearst Corporation.

The magazine was first published in May 1903 as The Red Book Illustrated by Stumer, Rosenthal and Eckstein, a firm of Chicago retail merchants. The name was changed to The Red Book Magazine shortly thereafter.

In 1927, Edwin Balmer, a short-story writer who had written for the magazine, took over as editor; in the summer of 1929 the magazine was bought by McCall Corporation, which changed the name to Redbook but kept Balmer on as editor.

Publications of Agatha Christie stories[]

In chronological order of publication.

  • 1933, Vol. 62, No. 1, November - Why Didn't They Ask Evans?, in a condensed version under the title The Boomerang Clue. With illustrations by Joseph Franké.
  • 1936, Vol. 67 No. 5 and 6, September and October - Murder in the Mews, in two instalments.
  • 1941, Vol. 76 No. 5, March - N or M?, in a condensed version. Illustrations by Alan Haemer.
  • 1967, Vol. 128, No. 6, April - Third Girl, in a condensed version. With a photographic montage by Mike Cuesta.