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In the short story The Plymouth Express, Red Narky was a jewel thief who was caught trying to pawn an emerald which had been stolen from Flossie Carrington after she had been murdered on a train journey from London to Plymouth. He usually worked with a woman named "Gracie Kidd" although the police could not find her.

When Poirot reconstructed the crime, he surmised that Narky was the killer of Mrs Carrington and that Gracie Kidd was in fact working as her maid, under the assumed named of Jane Mason.


Red Narky was not featured in the film adaptation of The Plymouth Express' in Series 3 of ITV's Agatha Christie's Poirot. His role was taken over by another character, McKenzie.

In NHK's anime adaptation The Plymouth Express, Red Narky does appear. He is seen in a scene where he forces an entry into Flossie Carrington's train carriage. There is also a scene where he is trying to sell some jewels to a jeweller (not a pawn shop). The jeweller had already been alerted by police photographs of the stolen gems. He disappears into a back room and shortly after the police arrive to arrest Narky. The voice actor behind the character of Red Narky is not credited.