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In the novel The Body in the Library, Thomas Ramon “Raymond” Starr is a dancer and tennis player at the Majestic Hotel in Danemouth. Originally he is from Alsmonston, near Stane in Devonshire, belonging to a prominent but poor family. His grandmother was from Argentina.

Raymond is described as being "tall, lithe, and good-looking, with very white teeth in a deeply-bronzed face". He is dark and graceful, with a pleasant, friendly manner.

He is Josie Turner's dance partner. They originally called themselves Ramon and Josie, which he said had a Spanish effect. However, he changed his professional name to Raymond, as there was prejudice against foreigners.

Raymond and Josie did nightly exhibition dances at the Majestic Hotel. After Josie injured her ankle, Ruby Keene danced with Raymond.

On the night of Ruby's disappearance, Raymond notices that she is missing when she does not turn up for their exhibition dance at midnight. He asks Josie where she is, and they search for her.

Raymond also gives tennis lessons to the guests at the Majestic Hotel, including Adelaide Jefferson.

He had set his sights on marrying Adelaide, but when she chooses Hugo McLean he bows out graciously. It is then revealed that the story about being one of the Alsmonston Starrs was made up, probably to impress Adelaide.


In BBC 1984 adaptation of the novel which formed part of the Miss Marple series, Starr is played by Jess Conrad.

In the ITV 2004 adaptation of the novel (Episode 1, Season 1 of Agatha Christie's Marple), Starr is played by Adam Garcia. In this adaptation he was born and brought up in Argentina until the age of 13. Thereafter he went to England to attend the "Meadowhouse" Public School but had to leave when his family got into difficulties. His original name was Ramon but he changed it to Raymond because he felt there was too much prejudice against foreigners in England.