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Problem at Pollensa Bay is a Parker Pyne short story written by Agatha Christie which was first published in the U.K. in The Strand Magazine in November 1935. In the U.S. it was first published in Liberty magazine in September 1936 under the title Siren Business. The story was included as part of the collection The Regatta Mystery and Other Stories in 1939. in the U.S. In 1943 it appeared in the U.K. as part of a fairly rare collection Problem at Pollensa Bay and Christmas Adventure. In 1961, it appeared as part of the collection Thirteen for Luck! and then in 1991 as the lead story in Problem at Pollensa Bay and Other Stories.


Parker Pyne can't escape his talent of solving people's problems even when he's on holiday on Mallorca. In fact his fellow guest Mrs Chester leaps on the opportunity for someone to save her son from an unfavourable marriage.

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