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Prince Farouk was a non-canonical character who was created for the film adaptation of The Theft of the Royal Ruby in Series 3 of ITV's Agatha Christie's Poirot. He played the same role as Prince Ali in Christie's original story. In the adaptation, he gave the ruby to "Iris Moffat", who later stayed at Kings Lacey as Gloria Lee-Wortley. There is however no mention of a forthcoming royal wedding. Farouk's greater concern was the scandal which the Wafd political party could use to destablise the monarchy in Egypt.

Unlike Prince Ali, whose nationality was never stated, Prince Farouk was the son and heir of King Fuad of Egypt. As the film was set in the 1930s, this is historically accurate. The actual Prince Farouk of Egypt succeeded his father to the throne in 1936. Prince Farouk is played by Anthony Zaki.

Besides the inaccuracy, there is negative stereotyping making him dark skinned and bad-tempered. Farouk was sophisticated and from European heritage . He was white descended, on his mother's side from French Suleiman Pasha (colonel Joseph Anthelme Sève, 1788 - 1860) who went with Nalen expedition to Egypt and remained there to help Muhammed Ali build his army. Farouk was the grandson of Khedive Ismail who was Grandson of the Macedonian Albanian Muhammed Ali pasha, his grandfathers by marriage added Italian, and Austrian blood into Farouk's genes.