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In the novel The Mystery of the Blue Train, Pierre Michel is the attendant onboard Le Train Bleu.

Michel is asked by Commissary Caux to tell Poirot his story as to what had happened in Paris.

According to Michel, after the train had left the Gare de Lyon, he arrived to make the beds in Ruth Kettering's compartment and that of her maid, thinking that Ruth would be at dinner. He found that Ruth was having a dinner-basket in her compartment, and she told him that she had been obliged to leave her maid in Paris, so he only needed to make one bed. She also told him that she did not want to be woken up early in the morning.

On the following morning, Michel only knocked on the door of Ruth's compartment just before the train reached Cannes. He received no reply, and opened the door. Ruth appeared to be asleep in her bed, so he took her by the shoulder to rouse her. He then discovered that she was dead.

Michel says to Commissary Caux that he hopes he has not been guilty of any negligence. Commissary Caux tells him that he cannot think that he has been guilty of negligence, and Michel requests him to report as much to the company.

It is later revealed that the maid had disguised herself as Ruth. She was the woman who had spoken to Michel, telling him that she had been obliged to leave her maid in Paris, and not to wake her early in the morning. At that time, the real Ruth had already been killed.


Pierre Michel shares the name with another train attendant, Pierre Michel, onboard the Orient Express. They are probably two different characters.