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Aidan Turner as Philip Lombard (And Then There Were None BBC miniseries, 2015)

In the 1939 novel And Then There Were None, Philip Lombard had been a mercenary, and was accused of causing the death of twenty-one African tribesmen. He was described as a "tall man with a brown face, light eyes set rather close together and an arrogant, almost cruel mouth". Lombard was invited to Soldier Island by a mysterious couple of hosts, by the name of Owens, with other nine guests.

He was shot out of panic by Vera Claythorne.


In the 2015 BBC And Then There Were None miniseries, he was portrayed by actor Aidan Turner. The character is mostly faithful to the original one with the addition of a sub-plot concerning a love affair between him and Vera Claythorne.

In the 1974 TV adaptation of the novel, he was renamed Hugh Lombard and portrayed by Oliver Reed.