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In the novel Sad Cypress, Dr Peter Lord is the village doctor in Maidensford, having succeeded Dr Ransom. Dr Lord was the doctor of Laura Welman. He has feelings for Elinor Carlisle.

Dr Lord is thirty-two years old. He has "sandy hair, a pleasantly ugly freckled face and a remarkably square jaw". His eyes are a "keen, piercing light blue". He drives a Ford ten, which is sea-green, and has the licence plate number MSS 2022.

While Mrs Welman was alive, she had asked Dr Lord if he found it boring being a country doctor, and if he wanted to specialize. He told her that he liked people, and "ordinary everyday diseases". He said that he liked seeing how different bodies responded to them, and how he could improve on recognized treatment.

After Elinor is arrested for the murder of Mary Gerrard, Dr Lord asks Poirot to investigate and find evidence that will help to clear her. He had heard John Stillingfleet talk about Poirot, and thought that Poirot was the only man who could help.

Dr Lord tells Poirot the facts of the case, and also tells him that when Mrs Welman died, he had suspected that she had died from morphine poisoning, but he had thought she had done it herself.

While Poirot is investigating the case, Dr Lord takes him around Maidensford, and introduces him to the residents. He also accompanies Poirot to Hunterbury.

Dr Lord asks Horlick if he had seen a man hanging about, or a car outside, on the day of Mary Gerrard's death. Horlick says that he had seen Dr Lord's car, which Dr Lord denies.

After Elinor's trial, Dr Lord takes her to a sanatorium, where no one will bother her. He promises to come and see her as often as she wants him to.

It is revealed that Dr Lord had planted a matchbox in the bushes at Hunterbury, for Poirot to find, and had also lied about the car not being his. He had been at Hunterbury that morning, wanting to see Elinor. He stood in the shrubbery watching her cut sandwiches in the pantry, but did not speak to her.