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Pauline weathrby

Geraldine Somerville as Pauline Weatherby

In the short story Yellow Iris, Pauline Weatherby is the sister of the late Iris Russell.

Some four years before the events in the story, Pauline had been at the dinner in New York hosted by Barton Russell where Iris had died. When four years later, when Barton insisted on re-enacting the dinner in London on the anniversary of Iris' death, Pauline was afraid that something would happen and so sent a cryptic message to Poirot.

Pauline had reason to be worried. Barton tried to poison Pauline at the dinner but fortunately, Poirot intervened and foiled the attempt. Barton's motive was apparently linked to Pauline's money. He was Pauline's guardian but had he had mismanaged or embezzled Pauline's money. She would soon become twenty one and gain direct access to her own financial affairs, at which point Barton would be exposed.

Pauline was described as "very young, very fair, with eyes like cornflowers."


Pauline is played by Geraldine Somerville in the film adaptation of Yellow Iris in Series 5 of ITV's Agatha Christie's Poirot. Her last name is changed to "Wetherby".