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Damien Thomas as Paul Renauld

In the Agatha Christie novel The Murder on the Links, Paul Renauld (real name Georges Conneau) was Eloise Renauld's wealthy husband and the victim of the case. He requested Poirot's assistance for an unknown matter, prior to his murder.

Role in the novel, it contains several spoilers

Paul was involved in the Beroldy murder 22 years before the opening of the story, in which he was the killer, but escaped justice when caught. He was blackmailed by M. Daubreuil, which was actually Madame Jeanne Beroldy who had recognized Paul and used that to her advantage.

When a man died from an attack of epilepsy, Paul understood that he could have faked his own death and escape his blackmailer, with the help of Eloise. The only two people that could recognize the body correctly were Paul's son Jack and his chauffeur, so he sent them both away from France. In a golf course, he dug a grave to place the body in; then Paul created an alibi with a broken clock. However, the alibi didn't work, so he also disfigured the dead man. Unfortunately for Paul, that day he had removed Jack from his will; Jack's lover Marthe (who was also Mme Daubreuil's daughter) killed Paul.

He lived in Villa Geneviève, Merlinville, France.


In Agatha Christie's Poirot, Renauld was portrayed by Damien Thomas. Here he doesn't send a letter to Poirot but he called him when the detective was staying with Hastings in his hotel.

In Le crime ne paie pas, the Les Petits Meurtres d'Agatha Christie episode adapted from the novel, the parallel character is Paul Deboise.