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In the novel Mrs McGinty's Dead, Miss Pamela Horsfall was a journalist at the Sunday Comet. She wrote an article entitled Women Victims of Bygone Tragedies. Where are These Women Now?. This covered the stories of three women and a twelve year old girl, all connected with some violent crime many years ago and who had all gone on to start new lives. Abigail McGinty read the article and, from the published photos, believed one of the four subjects was living in her village of Broadhinny. She wrote a letter offering the Comet information for payment. Horsfall sent her a standard rejection, but because she could not read McGinty's handwriting, sent the reply to Broadway instead of Broadhinny.

Pamela Horsfall was described as a "tall, manly-looking, a hard drinker and smoker." She told Poirot that she did not care much about the accuracy of the facts in her article. "The whole thing was a romantic farrago from beginning to end."


In the ITV 2008 adaptation of the novel, Pamela Horsfall was portrayed by Catherine Russell.

Pamela Horsfall does not have a parallel in the France Televisions 2015 adaptation Mademoiselle Mac Ginty est morte. Alice Avril is a journalist but she did not write the article. However, she does discover the article by looking through her newspaper's archives. The journalist who wrote the article is not named.